Welcome to National Molding’s Duraflex® brand of plastic buckles and closures. We have been molding product since 1964 and offer the largest range of Berry Compliant hardware produced in our two manufacturing locations in the United States. Utilizing our unique manufacturing technologies, you are guaranteed product of the utmost quality and now, after listening to the suggestions of our end users, we offer a range of our best selling products directly from the factory to you. If you have a need for an item in our extensive catalogue that is not shown, please email us to arrange for a special purchase. Our engineers working closely with the folks from the Armed Service, are constantly developing new product. So please check back with us each month to see what is new

Most of our product is offered in special Infrared Resistant colors which we have developed closely with the U.S. military research facilities. Currently, we offer Coyote Brown 498, common for the Marines and Foliage Green 504 and Tan 499 common for both the Special Forces and Army. Tan 499 is the new standard that is now being used for the Multi Cam fabric.

Warning: Products Shown in the catalogue are designed to fasten gear and are not to be used to support the weight of people in a safety related situation. You must independently evaluate the suitability of each product for your application. National Molding LLC and its subsidiaries do not assume liability for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising from the resale, use or misuse of its products.